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Testing and Fault finding

We perform testing, analysis and error correction of CAN-buses and networks in order to gain accurate information about the functions occurring in the bus. The testing makes it possible to find out any functions, potential errors and overlaps in the CAN fieldbus. Analysis is carried out through application level testing or by testing the physical CAN layer.

A report is made of all the test results in order to help the customer make the right corrections to guarantee the appropriate and safe functioning of operations. In addition, the customer will gain certainty of whether the system’s operations meet the standards required by certificates.

Testing the physical CAN layer

The physical CAN layer can be tested either at TKE or in the customer’s environment. The testing of the physical level can be carried out either on the entire CAN network, or just a part of the system. After testing, the customer will receive an extensive report that also includes suggestions for corrections. The report can be formulated according to the details determined by the customer.

For example, the following errors can be found through a test of the physical layer:

  • cabling
  • termination
  • voltage antinodes
  • connection errors
  • EMC problems
  • topology errors

Testing CANopen application layers

We test whether your device is compatible with the CANopen standard and to make sure that the code is correctly interpreted in the control system. Our reports act as verification when applying for approval for the device from CiA (CAN in Automation).

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