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TKE Sweden AB, a company driven by innovation with a focus on sustainable development and profitable solutions. Our team of dedicated employees, partners and customers are committed to bringing advancements in CAN technology combining CAN hardware and software to solve core issues. Our expertise lies in CAN technology, working closely with market leaders from various industries. We specialize in designing and planning CAN software combining them with CAN suitable hardware. Additionally integrating them with different technological systems. We provide software tools for, analyzing configuring, and monitoring CAN-based networks that enables real-time asset condition tracking across indoor/outdoor locations, as well as predictive maintenance and business process automation driven by real-time data. TKE’s goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions that elevate products and services to new heights for both their company and customers.

TKE specializes in J1939, the widely used CAN protocol for communication and diagnostics in heavy-duty vehicles like buses, trucks, construction machines, and agricultural machinery. J1939 enables seamless communication among Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in these vehicles, transmitting crucial data such as road speed, torque control, and oil temperature.

To ensure standardized communication, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed a family of J1939 standards. These standards govern the design and use of devices transmitting electronic signals and control information among vehicle components.

TKE’s expertise lies in providing effective analysis and diagnosis of network messages and signals within the J1939 protocol. We offer a range of CAN analyzing tools with J1939 support, accurately interpreting data and offering valuable insights into vehicle performance and potential issues.

With J1939’s pivotal role in efficient vehicle functioning and diagnostics. Our dedication to J1939 proficiency drives the development of advanced features and capabilities in modern heavy-duty vehicles. Trust TKE for unparalleled expertise in J1939, enhancing your vehicles’ performance and reliability.

We at TKE Sweden AB are honored to be a part of Kvaser’s certified Qualified Sales Representative (QSR). We provide exceptional service and expertise for all your CAN hardware needs. As part of Kvaser’s exclusive QSR network, we offer localized language support and expert advice on CAN bus products, software, and services. Count on us for the latest Kvaser hardware, tailored solutions, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Choose TKE Sweden AB as your trusted Kvaser Sales Representative to achieve your goals with cutting-edge technology and dedicated excellence.

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