Any Transmission Medium

IoE by TKE works with any transmission medium

The solution we offer works whatever your computer network is: Our system does not require the presence of the Internet, but also works great over the Internet like 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G / WiFi / LAN, or in any combinations of networks, even for closed networks.

We are able to automate the transmission of data over HTTP/HTTPS protocol, as well as sending encrypted data over a protected connection. We also provide the possibility to use your own requirements of the operating environment and build our own infrastructure networks that can be detached from the internet. The customer can define the network infrastructure without any compromises of infrastructure.

Works whatever is your infrastructure choice

Basically you can be anywhere and connected with any transmission medium. It does not matter what the operating system is or how it is connected to the network. Whatever your choice is, we can provide an infrastructure and IT solutions that are able to determine which solution model might be best for each service.