Any Client

Any client – Any browser

Advantage of the IoE by TKE is that we provide services with any client or browser. We do not restrict which browser to use, or which devices to use. Our solutions are independent operating systems. Any combination of passive things, like web browsers, or gateways, such applications, is made to work with any hardware combination.

Scalability for any purposes

The solution offered by TKE is scalable for each of our customers and for any purpose and can integrate to customers’ own logistics environment. We want to offer openness into our variety of solutions. We will provide the maximum flexibility, efficiency and reliably to connect people, gateways, devices and things for every client.

IoE by TKE overall goal is to make it easier for the customer to do and not cause dependencies. This will enable the situation that you do not get locked in to one provider or one methodology. For example avoid situations, such as the software that only works with one operating system and a certain browser with a browser version.