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Clear phases with well managed completion criteria will guarantee full control to the customers and help in minimizing effects of risks

Work packages

We provide efficient work packages with size of 2-5 weeks to keep progress manageable and reduce the risks


Develop features and scale-up after passing the tests to keep development manageable and guarantee quality and scalability of the system design


TKE provides an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive pre-study that examines the current situation in-depth and reveals the core of challenge to conquering it. Pre-study gives a good starting point for the entry-level implementation and provides an initial backlog for the work itself.

  • Definition of key data items and sample rates of data sources
  • Definition of remote communication requirements
  • Investigation of assembly constraints and application characteristics


Pilot confirms an initial scope to planning a full-scale implementation and maintenance, when deployment and testing of an initial framework is made with a constrained set of features and number of source systems. Pilot-phase shall be constrained enough to remain manageable and in order to reveal challenges and relating issues to conquering it.

  • Reveals inaccuracies of original specification
  • Helped in minimizing effects of risks
  • Set up practicalities and fixes until fulfills the defined commercial use-cases


Ramp-Up starts when the pilot successfully completes, where we have implemented requirements and changes based on known information. Ramp-up helps to identify and design capabilities and business architecture needed to execute infrastructure that is required to IoE technologies.

Expansion increases the value of IoE implementation by introducing more features and services in multiple iterations. Expansion achieves a significant competitive advantage by adopting a new kind of IoE source systems in a managed way.

  • Adding more source systems and variations with specifications used in the pilot
  • Typically tackle the minor problems which not occurred during the pilot