Product identity

Product Identity

IoE by TKE brings product-related information under one code – hyperlinks help to catch the data. When connecting product tracking to the system, both service and users know which components have been used on the machine and what components should be used. Intelligent tracking also tells where to get the right spare part as soon as possible. Liabilities and warranties can also be easily found out through historical data.

Whether it is schematic installation instructions, or other current information, IoE by TKE provides a platform where all data can be easily accessed via hyperlinks. The system works by reading NFC and QR codes or combinations of them. The installation site is positioned on a drawing, which helps the user to understand the big picture quickly. By recognizing product identity, using the right components is simple, and potential hardware failures are deliberately minimized. Because the information is embedded in links and references, it is easy to browse the information back and forth by using the licensed device.

Responsibilities and warranties are simple

When the product configuration, flow of goods, and warranty terms are all brought into the same system, all the information can be found from one place. Updates can be made from the office and the information is updated to all locations at the same time.

The system saves user information, which can later be used to determine whether the installation instructions are opened and enabled. A product identity usage history is necessary when bug reports are received. It identifies which components have been used in the machine, when they have been installed and who has maintained the machine. Operating history makes it easy for a machine manufacturer to determine whether a defect is covered by warranty and who is responsible.

Sending information and making notifications is easy, even in challenging circumstances. The information transmitted through icons can also be made in the dark and at the very moment when the situation is acute. This way the information is not only locally but passed on to the maintenance, the manufacturing and the management departments.

Detailed component-specific installation instructions are available for immediate use

Appropriate installation instructions help to prevent equipment breakdowns. Component-specific installation instructions are included, when the product is being configured. These instructions include detailed information about i.e. tightening torques, deviations and so on.

Collected user data also enables management to control and monitor activities on the field. In this way, the user history also supports managerial work and helps to monitor security in a comprehensive manner. Comprehensive product-specific information helps a company to develop and improve its own products and processes. Product identity and user information provide valuable information to the management.