Leadership and Management

Information is being collected, but is there enough knowledge to use it properly? Combining multi channel information provides new opportunities for development work, potential failure reveals, and increasing process performance. User history allows gathering and using information which was not even reported. Information collection gives support for strategic decision making as well as the operational side of the organization. In addition to generating individual reports, IoE complements the findings to provide comprehensive information.

The intelligent system brings out new information from the field and from users

IoE brings a variety of perspectives to the development of operations, productivity, security and quality. In the long term, systematically collected information provides a good indication of what kind of development has been achieved. Collaboration between telematics and humans can produce informative tables that can be used in a practical way, both user and location specific.

Systematic errors highlighted

Cross-tabulation of reports can easily reveal systematic errors. Reports can quickly determine whether components are vulnerable or if the installation site itself is causing errors. In the case of complaints, the root causes can be traced through the user history. Reporting also reveals unreported issues, such as reading or not reading manuals. All up-to-date information is needed to resolve active faults. For example, it is possible to get a live view of the system where the faults are on.